The Best RSS Feed Solutions

A person that is just getting started with the wonderful world of RSS feed solutions will first need to make a decision about which of the news readers meets their personal needs in the best manner. Choosing the right program for displaying RSS feeds will largely determine whether a novice computer user will enjoy the RSS technology or will find it too difficult to master. While there are many different RSS feed solutions freely available on the Internet, the difference in quality between these programs are substantial.

With a target of core users that believe in cloud computing, Google Reader has risen to the top of online news readers. Much of this rise to prominence is because of the Google name as well as the features that are available with Google Reader. As the most popular of the online RSS feed solutions, the Google program has made it easy to sort and organize feeds. Subscription to feeds is also simple, with a person being able to directly import the link of the XML page. In addition, most websites with RSS feeds will have a specific link that allows their feed to be added to Google Reader with only a few clicks of the mouse.

A person that does not have a constant connection to the Internet, such as those that use laptops on the go, may wish to download a desktop program to handle their RSS feeds needs. Of these news readers, the two top choices are Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird. Both of these programs offer RSS feed solutions as part of an email program and automatically download new content in the background when the computer is connected to the Internet. In this manner, a person can have all of their RSS feeds updated and ready to read for times when they cannot be online.