Company RSS Feeds for Music News

Music Company RSS feeds technology and the music industry feel like it should be an easy match. As musical artists and groups release new albums and go on tour, the information can be passed to fans with the RSS feed readers and an Internet connection. While there are many RSS feeds that provide updated music news and tour dates for artists, there are some that are better than others. In finding the best feeds for music discovery and important news, fans can know everything that is happening with their favorite artists and when they will come to their city for a show. While many bands offer their own RSS feeds, another option is to use the feeds made by music centered websites.

One of the music company websites that has become a must-visit site for all music fans is called Pitchfork Media. They actually have several different company RSS feeds, with the most popular ones being the music news feed and the new releases feed. With the latter, new albums are given a professional review and rated on a scale of one to ten. The music news feed not only lists the tour dates as they are announced, but also includes up to date news about musical projects in the works as well as future collaborations between artists. The reviews can be used as a form of music discovery as they are generally of a high quality.

Another of the best company RSS feeds for music concerns is Roadie. While it is not effective for music news, the website does allow a person to enter artists that they would like to follow. When a new item, tour dates, or new release happens for any of the artists that the fan lists, it appears in the RSS feed readers. With this advantage, fans can limit the bands they are tracking with RSS feeds to only the ones they are interested in, effectively reducing the clutter of Pitchfork Media and other feeds.