DNA13 RSS Feed Case Study

DNA13 news feed are RSS feeds specialized on passing only valuable and secure info to clients. A DNA13 feed delivery must be fresh and focused on the client’s need. Because the social media environment has changed so much in the last couple of years and because the online content is getting bigger and bigger each day, RSS feeds need to be built so that they can identify only the info that is valuable and relevant to the client.

A DNA13 feed currently indexes more than 100 million social media posts. These include news articles, video news, and social media posts from social media powerhouses. Because the social content is rapidly expanding online, news media monitoring has become very important. DNA13 news feeds search for valuable content in blogs from different countries and in different languages. A DNA13 news feed can search info from over 800 industry categories, from more than 100 countries and in more than 75 languages. DNA13 is also great at making metadata available to the client and at avoiding duplicate information.

DNA13 news feed are recommended to people whose businesses require them to stay connected to the most influential actors in the social media industry. DNA13 RSS feeds offer real-time access to the voices that matter in the media industry. They also take care of security issues by providing only the info that is safe, correct and essential.

DNA13 news feeds can include blogs like WordPress and Blogger, podcasts, microblogs, social networks, user comments, video and photo, forums, consumer reviews, wikis and classifieds like CraigsList. DNA13 RSS feeds are also specialized in real-time info about the TV and print industries, about online and social media content and about marketing and corporate news. All these categories are essential for people who work in news industries and marketing departments and want to keep in touch with the latest developments.