Enterprise News Feed

News feeds have become a popular way to keep oneself informed and up to date with anything new that occurs in the area of interest of an individual with an internet connection and a computer. A very popular way to stay updated consists of the RSS Feeds, a type of web syndication which allows websites to display the content of other websites through some kind of partnerships regarding the licensing of the content. In this way people can get the most recent information and the sending websites can get a better access to the information they provide. An alternative to RSS feeds are the Atom feeds which have appeared as an alternative to the RSS feeds and which have been developed by Ben Trott from the desire to fix the flaws that had been identified in the RSS feeds.

There is a constant need to be informed and more importantly there is a need of individuals and companies to make good use of the feeds and this means that many IT specialists would specialize in the expertise over the RSS or Atom feeds. There are many enterprise RSS solutions that have been developed along the time and they usually come with the opportunity of analyzing the content of social and news media and the traffic that certain content may create. The enterprise RSS solutions can actually be helpful for companies who want to increase their visibility as they can turn feeds into something that will benefit them. The enterprise RSS solutions are commonly based on significant research on the social and news media monitoring with the aim of delivering single-service access to companies.

There are many such IT specialists, usually in the form of companies and their services seem to be used more and more commonly as a newsdesk enterprise would always take into account media monitoring results in order to improve their own performance.