Feed Direct Privacy Policy

Feed Direct has a strict privacy policy that applies to all information that is presented on the website and as regards visitors to the website. No personal information is collected from visitors to Feed Direct, meaning that even email address information is not collected. This means that Feed Direct will never be responsible for spam emails and will never release information to third party companies. Feed Direct exists only as an information resource and does not ask for any visitor to give personal information. In addition, no browser cookies are added to the visitor’s computer from any of the pages that belong to the Feed Direct domain.

A person that chooses to send feedback or ask questions about the website can rest assured that their email address information is also protected in these circumstances. Feed Direct welcomes the comments and questions of guests and uses the dialogue from visitors as a way of improving our current level and scope of information services. At no time will information that is sent to Feed Direct through email be used for any purpose other than the improvement of the information presented by the website. This privacy policy is meant to protect the visitors of the website as well as keep the intentions of Feed Direct transparent.

The Feed Direct website may have links to external websites. In these cases, Feed Direct does not control these external locations and they may have a different privacy policy in place. These can be examined by visiting the privacy policy link on the external page. Any visitor to the Feed Direct website that would like to learn more about the privacy policy should feel free to contact us through email. Any questions about the privacy policy or the security of personal information on the Feed Direct website will be addressed as soon as possible.