Free Research Report

As a service to potential clients, Moreover Technologies offers visitors to their website the ability to download a free research report about news needs and preferences. This is an example of the types of reports that can be generated using their Newsdesk software. With the information provided by the report, a person or company can highlight emerging trends for original content. While the report is largely limited to information about content for websites, a company can apply the technique to nearly any industry that regularly generates items of interest from a variety of news sources and channels.

There are several benefits that can be found within one of these reports. Using the example of the free research report provided by Moreover Technologies, the most important aspect is the business intelligence that can be gained about the preferences of content buyers. The reader will be able to learn about which news products are higher on the demand list of customers as well as how the news needs of a company or organization can change over time. In addition, there is information about which news sources have a higher level of trust with readers and can help to show which channels should be used for industry reporting.

The information accumulated by Moreover Technologies and that is presented in the report is original content and represents a great deal of work. Using survey responses and historical information, the free research report compares the results of previous years and applies them to the current state of a particular industry. A client that finds the report of content for websites useful may wish to consider purchasing Newsdesk, the program used by Moreover Technologies to deliver the information. This program also works to deliver personalized business news to a company as the events are reported in real time.