MetaMonitor by Moreover Technologies

MetaMonitor is a program that was created by the Moreover Technologies company to help companies with their news needs and a way of tracking their content as it finds different outlets on the Internet. Because much of the original content is protected by law, it is important for the business to be aware of how it is being used outside of their control. The MetaMonitor program sends detailed reports to the business, including the difference in specific versions as well as the exact day and time that they were published by a third party. In addition, the service will also determine whether fair use laws or crediting are applicable in individual cases.

Besides tracking original content that started with a business, the MetaMonitor program also has other functions, such as the delivery of business news that could be relevant to the company. By examining the types of business news that are being generated by a company, MetaMonitor can find similar streams that are coming from competitors or other sources. In addition, the program also aggregates social media content to help a business stay on top of their online reputation in the social media world. It is also possible to use MetaMonitor as a search program to look for business news from a wide variety of sources.

With so much attention being placed on the level of business intelligence that a company has, the addition of the MetaMonitor software could help to improve current client relationships as well as identify markets for a certain good or service. By learning the hot trends that emerge over business news channels, a company can also figure out which direction their activities should be headed. Moreover Technologies has created in MetaMonitor a program that is essential for any company that wants to have the highest business intelligence possible.