News Feed FAQ

News feeds or web feeds are very popular in the internet world today. All the major news networks and popular blogs have RSS feeds so that users can subscribe to the online content and receive it daily or every time it is updated. Here you can find FAQs about news feeds and why are they so popular and necessary in the online world today.

What are the benefits of an RSS feed or news feed?
People who subscribe to a site’s web feed don’t have to disclose their private e-mail address. Technically they will receive the same info that is published in a newsletter but without sharing personal information and protecting themselves from spam, viruses, phishing and identity theft. They also don’t have to send a personal request if they want to unsubscribe from the news feed. All they have to do is remove the RSS from their feed aggregator. The most popular feed aggregator used today is Google Reader.

Where does the feed come from?
Technically, a news feed comes from the same place as the website you have subscribed to. Every web platform that specializes on transmitting daily content to a certain audience has the potential of developing a news feed. That news feed or RSS feed transmits the info that is new on the site to people who have subscribed to it.

What is the difference between a web feed and a RSS feed?
The answer is simple: all RSS feeds are web feeds, but not all web feeds are RSS feeds because a RSS feed shows only content that is new on the site. RSS feeds are used by people who want to be kept updated with the info or news that are posted on a certain site, for example a news site. Every time something new happens, people want to know about it.