NewsDesk Alert

Moreover technologies has created an instant way to monitor the latest information being sent around socially about your business. This new technology, named NewsDesk Alert, uses search tools, alerts via email, and news feeds to forward this information to you.

NewsDesk Alert is easy to understand and learn to navigate. It involves numerous filters that result in specific targeted results for you.

It includes simple media and brand monitoring features as well as social and news media monitoring that have been put together to create one single service for optimum simplicity. There are RSS feeds where you can share and find headlines on intranets and portals and there is no software to install and keep track of.

Moreover also offers marketing executives who monitor your services with social and news media. Then there are public relations which keep a continuous watch on the latest news and views in order to engage influencers the most effectively. Corporate communications are there to forward news about the company and the industry within the company itself. The research department deals with business intelligence and market research and finally the social media managers send information on new topics as soon as they are available.

In addition to all of this, moreover is offering advanced searching for targeting specific topics and there are over fifty languages represented with translations on the articles. You can manually select articles so that you have full editorial control and use the live client support when you have questions. Finally, you can use the frequent feature enhancements with the expanding media base as you need.

NewsDesk Alert will be helpful for businesses because of the ability to interact with the company and other employees easily, as well as keep up to date on all of the new information coming out about the company itself.