NewsDesk Program by Moreover Technologies

A company that is looking to elevate their business intelligence to the next level may want to consider the option of using NewsDesk, a program created by Moreover Technologies. With more and more information coming down the Internet channels everyday, it can be difficult for a company to successfully filter out all of the static and only find the relevant news to their particular operations. NewsDesk is a valuable tool in this regard and uses over three million sources to find the latest news items and industry developments. In this manner, a company can use the information to stay ahead of their competition.

In addition to the famous RSS feeds that everyone reads, NewsDesk also looks at more obscure publications and social media outlets. By integrating all of the relevant information into an attractive and easy to read interface, a company will not suffer from information overload as only the most important articles will be delivered to the application. There are advanced filtering options to determine which articles are sent to specific employees and the application is built to integrate well with existing services and email manager programs.

Some companies may look at the price tag of nearly two thousand dollars and balk at the expense, but after a short time using NewsDesk, the importance of the tool will be revealed. To prove the effectiveness of NewsDesk, a free trial is being offered by Moreover Technologies. The free trial lasts for two weeks and is long enough for a company to try the program without making a large financial commitment. After exploring the media analysis and reports that the program generates during the free trial, most companies opt to make NewsDesk a permanent part of their IT structure and find that the cost of working without the program is higher than its one time expense.