Shell RSS Use Case Study

News feeds are not only a way to get people the information they need, but they also manage to save some money for big companies by spreading the word in a much more friendly and easy way to all customers and employees.

Taking the case of oil and gas giant Shell, we can see the exact impact that technology has had and how it helped the company. Royal Dutch Shell (mostly known to the public as simply Shell) is a Forbes Magazine top 5 company that integrates fields such as exploration, production, refining and distribution of oil and gas. It also handles marketing and trade and has numerous endeavors in renewable energy, hydrogen and wind and solar power.

Shell started using the power of news feeds in 2006 for two purposes. The first was to communicate better with employees by offering news and information related to the company and their work. And the second one was to monitor all incoming global news related to the company or immediate competitors.

An intranet news delivery system was implemented in order to bring all news feeds accordingly to where and who it was meant to. Shell employees were able to read real-time info directly from the Shell news feeds. The intranet portal allowed news and blogs to be delivered fast and accurately to every employee in person.

The media monitoring feeds made it possible for the company to stay on top of everything with marketing and business intelligence as the ultimate goals. This new method allowed Shell to react and respond directly to inquiries and made them more efficient when dealing with the media.

With the help of the Shell news feeds system the oil company managed to save more than five million dollars in a year by bringing everything to them and offering swift answers and solutions.