Web feeds potential for internet businesses

Web feeds are powerful tools for online businesses that hold in stock a large number of products and are constantly adding new content about new products to their websites. If executed correctly, a web feed strategy can be implemented in a way that subscribers can be notified each time that a new product is added to the catalogue. This marketing strategy has the potential of bringing more revenue to the business in question, as long as the strategy is not overly aggressive and only high-quality content is provided to the RSS subscribers.

We can further explore the potential and possibilities that web feeds offer using the approach of a case study. This type of initiative has succeeded at occupying a market niche that was previously underexploited.

RSS technology has been around for a while, although its potential certainly remains underused by many internet businesses. There is a lot of profit that could be obtained from this technology, although it must be stressed again that the line that separates clever advertising from online spamming must never be breached.